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45LC Blanks

Mounted Shooting 45LC Full-Load Blanks Utilize High Quality Star Line Brass cartridges. Quantity 200 - Packed/sealed in Heavy Duty 4mil Zip Lock Bags with Silica-Gel moisture absorbing pouch. Price includes Free Shipping.   Shipping by UPS Ground - Fed Law Required. Expedited shipping not available

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    Ammo - Blanks- 45Colt for Ceremonial, Parade, Reenactment & Training - Quote Request

    Special order Ammo - Blanks 45LC - For  U.S. Government,  Military, Police  Reenactment, Ceremonial,  Parade & Training .  Full Loads & Half Loads. Send RFQ to ( MOUNTED SHOOTING INFO title tab - drop down menu tab - bottom item CONTACT US. - We will provide a quote for the requested quantities and the freight costs and the delivery time. Please provide a contact e-mail or Tel #.  Mounted Shooting Supplies is a Government Approved Contractor.


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