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Located in Ocala, Florida, the "Horse Capital of the World", Denny Chapman has the leading sales and training facility for Mounted Shooting Horses and Competitors in the Southeastern United States, and is the only full time Trainer/Clinician in the state of Florida dedicated solely to the sport of Mounted Shooting. Denny is a certified Mounted Shooting Rangemaster and pro-level Mounted Shooting competitor with numerous winner titles in CMSA.



Bob and Kim Redo – Owners of Dry Creek Training, located in Western Arkansas, are well known for their Mounted Shooting Horse and people training experience and skills. They focus on matching the Horses and riders to each other in a balanced partnership. They have trained and coached many new riders into Mounted Shooting. They offer trained horses or can evaluate and train your horse for Mounted Shooting. Kim is a World Champion mounted Shooter.


South Central U.S.:
Shootfire Ranch of Texas - Curt Moore, utilizes the Natural Horsemanship approach of "Willing Communication between Horse and Human" which emphasizes: "Making the right things easy and the wrong things difficult". Students learn to build a foundation one step at a time with each step overlapping the previous one, building on what the horse and student have already learned. Students learn to approach the training process slowly and taking plenty of time with their horse, staying within their abilities, using common sense and knowing that safety is always first.



North Central:
Jim Hanson, of AJ Horses, is a well-recognized and respected Mounted Shooter and Trainer.  He has been an active member in Mounted Shooting for more than 20 years and has over 45 years of equine experience. He has earned several National and World Titles throughout his career. Jim believes that good horsemanship along with properly trained horses is the key to success in any equine sport. He travels across the country and offers everything for the horse and rider, including private lessons, group lessons, clinics, horse training and problem solving.  AJ Horses also offers horse and rider evaluations along with several products that will help you to continue your training and education. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned rider, there is always something Jim can teach you to optimize you and your  horse's skills and enhance your riding experience.

(605) 490-0060



Central US:
Matt Jobe is a professional Trainer Specializing in Performance Horse sports. Recognized for excellence in training of riders and horses in the sports of Mounted Shooting and Extreme Cowboy Racing. Achievements include World, National, Regional and State Championships.  Services include private and group Training, at his C-Bar-J ranch located in Windsor, MO. or your Facility. Also evaluation and training of the Horse for competition Sports.




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