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Mounted Shooting is the nation’s fastest growing equestrian sport. Competitors wearing two single-action 45 Caliber Guns race against the clock, navigating through a variety of course patterns while shooting at balloon targets.  Each gun is loaded with five Black Power Blanks, making for a colorful and exciting run.  Competitors dress up in the ‘Golden Era’ cowboy clothing.

Scoring is based on the elapsed time the rider completes the pattern run plus time penalties for missed targets and barrels knocked over.  This sport requires the ability to control the horse through challenging turns and speed changes single-handed while cocking, shooting and changing guns with the other hand.

There are a variety of levels of competition for all ages and gender, ranging from novice to the top pro contenders. So you will never feel “Out-Gunned”! Everyone has a chance to win.  Mounted Shooting is a family sport with parents and kids often competing with or sometimes against each other. But most of all, it’s fun and friendly!

There are several Major Associations and more than 100 local clubs & over 600 events held throughout the U.S. annually.  So check for a club near you and Join to be a part of the excitement and fun. You will have a “Blast”!


Shooting Stars is a family-owned mounted shooting supply business.   We actively compete in Cowboy Mounted Shooting events throughout the U.S.  Our shooting horses and performance horse partners are “Cowboy”, an American Quarter Horse, “Cash Colt 45”, an American Paint Horse, and “Balloon Buster Brown”, a Pony of the Americas (POA). 

We cater to beginners to the mounted shooting sport, levels 1 through 3.  We also proudly support upper level shooters,  mounted shooting champions, and mounted shooting clubs.  

Our web-site offers a one-stop shop for mounted shooting supplies.




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