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Gun Grips

Gun Grips for Ruger New Vaquero & Montado

Premium Custom Grips for the Ruger New Vaquero & Montado guns really give your guns a special look and feel. Available with a variety of styles & with or without Medallions and smooth or checkered - Free 1st Class Shipping -U.S.


Prices are for 1 Gun. Order 2 for 2 guns. Most Grips are in-stock ready for quick shipment. Due to the numerous  possible combinations, some grips require aprox 1 week before shipping.


Gun Grips Fit Info

Ruger Montado & New Vaquero have the same frames - Grips fit either Model (Both Models have a 3 Digit s/n prefix - example - 512-xxxxx)


Ruger Original ("Old") Vaquero -  have a serial number Beginning with a 2 Digit prefix  (e.g., 55-XXXXX).  If your Vaquero has a Two-Digit serial number prefix (e.g., 55-XXXXX). you have an Original ("Old") Vaquero and these grips will not fit.

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