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Shooting Stars Single Pommel Saddle Holster

The Single Saddle Pommel Holster when utilized in Mounted Shooting, is typically used with a second holster worn on the hip / waist or single chest holster. Excellent for new mounted shooters or those who find the double gun/holster rig on their chest too restrictive or cumbersome. The single saddle holster eliminates the tendency to look down when changing guns with a double front holster rig. !t easy to quickly return (holster) the first gun to the saddle holster, then grab the second gun without having to look down. The holster is made of premium leather and is durable and will holds its shape. Upper strap attaches around the Saddle swell and two sets of removable leather tie-straps enable holster to be securely attached to the saddle & other horse tack straps. Available Right or Left handed. Brown Color exterior. (Gun in Picture - not included)
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