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Shooting Stars Single Pommel & Single Ranger Holster set - In Stock Next Day Shipment

Single Pommel and Single Ranger Holsters set - an ideal setup for a rider with performance horse riding experience (Barrel racing, Roping, Etc). The pommel holster attached to the saddle swell-gullet, serves as the first gun providing easy gun re-holstering and the Ranger belt and holster places the second gun with easy grasp, either in the rider's front or on the hip. This facilitates easy gun changes without the tendency of looking down (Not Good & Hard bad habit to break) The Ranger belt is 2.5" wide with single center front buckle and the belt and holster are Suede lined to prevent slippage and good gun retention. Later if desired, a second holster can be added to convert the rig to a double holster configuration. Available RH or LH in three size ranges. Belt has a 6" total adjustment range Available in each size. Order Belt size range 2" larger than your normal waist size.
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