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Balloon Setter/Range Master Screens
Balloon Setter/Range Master Screens
Balloon Setter/Range Master Screens  1
Balloon Setter/Range Master Screens  2
Balloon Setter/Range Master Screens  3

Balloon Setter/Range Master Screens

Create an effective visual barrier in seconds. Sizes for 10 ft. and 12 ft. panels.
Choose color and size
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Balloon Setter /Range Master Screens –  Create an effective visual barrier in seconds.  Sizes for 10 ft. and 12 ft. panels.

Color Choice:
Black – In Stock
Blue – Allow 3 weeks
Red – Allow 3 weeks
Silver – Allow 3 weeks
Tan – Allow 3 weeks
Green – Allow 3 weeks 

10 Ft. Panel, 112 in. x 44 in. $57
12 Ft. Panel, 136 in. x 44 in. $62

PROBLEM – Horse in arena spooks at sight of balloon setter activity.

SOLUTION – Panel Screen blocks horse’s line of sight of balloon setters.

EASY UP AND EASY DOWN.  EXTREMELY DURABLE.  Attach easily to a most any panel using reuseable releasable tie wraps.

·         Provides shade and protection from harmful ultraviolet rays and heat

·         Provides comfort by reducing the effects of wind and blowing dust and rain while allowing air to flow

·         Creates an instant visual barrier

Easy to put up and take down.  Use indoors or outdoors.  Designed to attach to a large variety of fence designs as well as outdoor corral panels.

Each screen is lightweight, durable and designed to last for years.   Features include:

·         Two sizes to choose from.

·         Made of woven wind screen/shade cloth material that is reinforced on all four sides with double-sided webbing.

·         Multiple brass grommet attach points for installation ease and maximum adjustment.   Releasable/reuseable zip ties are included for installation/removal ease.