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Trailer Door Storage Organizer
Trailer Door Storage Organizer
Trailer Door Storage Organizer  1

Trailer Door Storage Organizer

Great for organizing & storing supplies and smaller items when travelling or in the Barn. Available in side door size - 26.5" x 12.5" | Half Door - 24" x 24" | and Full Door size - 24" x 40"
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Great for organizing your trailer or barn. Different sized pockets provide convienience and optimize space. Items stay in the pockets due to the special square bottom design. Includes a removable zippered pocket which is great for show and health papers. Zippered pocket for small items. Insulated bottle holder, separate holders for small jars, hoof pick, scraper, & vet wrap. Large Ddee ring for a towel Mounting hardware included, with double S for hanging. Dimensions; Half (24 W x 24 H ) Full (24 W x 40 H )