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“Soakies” Hoof Soaking Bag
“Soakies” Hoof Soaking Bag
“Soakies” Hoof Soaking Bag  1

“Soakies” Hoof Soaking Bag

Keep one in your first aid kit
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The Soakies Hoof Bag helps make the process of hoof soaking much easier and more efficient. Soaking a horse's hoof is a standard treatment for a variety of hoof ailments, most notably abscesses. If you've stood next to a horse with his hoof in a bucket, trying to keep him from pulling his leg out and knocking over the bucket, you will appreciate the convenience of. The Soakies Hoof Bag.

The Soakies Bag allows soaking mixture to consistently treat the entire hoof. This durable, reusable heavy duty plastic bag is easy and convenient to use. Simply apply over your horse's hoof, add the water or soaking mixture of your choice then secure bag around horse's leg with the Velcro band. When time is up, remove the bag, let it dry, then fold it up for storage in your tack room or equine first aid kit. Folded bag measures just 2" x 6". Unfolds to 10 1/4" x 15" to accommodate any horse or pony hoof. Hoof care soaking bag can be used for treating abscesses, thrush, and infections.