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Itch Be Gone
Itch Be Gone
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Itch Be Gone

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If your horse (or dog) suffers from summer itching use SOA+Itch Be Gone for immediate relief. You will be glad you did. It stops the itching and rubbing cycle associated with skin disorders, allergic reactions and irritations. All natural and safe on sensitive skin. Effective for: Allergic inflammation, sweet itch, ring work, skin sores, hot spots, eczema, deer fly & bee bites, serumbiting insects, parasitic infestations, hives, skin rashes, tick & mosquitoe bites and culicoides (“no-see-ums”). Cleans, draws, soothes and softens skin for quicker recovery. Promotes healing and hair growth. For mild skin challenges: Rinse area with water, wash and apply on skin as a lather. Leave on for 1 to 5 minutes, then rinse. For extreme skin challenges: Apply as a heavy lather and leave on for 1 to 14 hours, then rinse. Repeat as needed. Can be left overnight.