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Mounted Shooting Course Cards
Mounted Shooting Course Cards
Mounted Shooting Course Cards  1

Mounted Shooting Course Cards

COURSE CARDS provide quick color coded simplified pattern guidance. Shows gates and recommended shooting sequence. Color coded to show first gun, gun change zone and second gun. Individual Course cards, allow you to pull the cards for the runs of the event and keep them in your pocket for easy quick reference right up until your run. Manufactured on plasticized playing card stock for durability. Really helps newcomers navigate the patterns with confidence and used my many experienced riders for confirmation of their run plan.
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COURSE CARDS “Cards on Fire”. Durable poly-coated pocket size mounted shooting course cards - Color coded diagrams, allow rider to study the pattern right up until run time. Recommended track on front of card; rules and procedurals on back. Set includes a card for each course in a plastic snap-lid storage box.