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Club Custom Banners


Club Logo Custom 4' x 8' Banners ( Available With & W/O MSS Border Text) for enhancing Clubs image at events. and Balloon Setter Work Station Safety Banners 4' x 10' (With & W/O MSS Logo) which also Provides protection from flying debris and prevents horses from seeing the activity and becoming distracted.

Banner constructed of durable reinforced Vinyl with Heat sealed edges . Banners have top & Bottom Grommets for ease of attachment. Requires typically 2-3 weeks for production. Club Supplies Logo Graphics. (For best Image Quality, Logo Graphics should be in VECTOR Format. - Questions - Contact

Banners Provided free for clubs with with MSS "Club support" arrangements. E-mail for info.

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Club Logo Custom Banners require High Resolution Club Logo Graphics using "Vector Format" . This is necessary to produce High Quality large banners. Low Res graphics will produce "Grainy - Washed-Out" (Disappointing) appearance banners. If in question, e-mail Graphics to MSS = for evaluation.

Banners & Barrel Covers are Provided Free to Clubs who have Club Support agreements with MSS. e-mail for info.