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Perfecting Performance Book

Perfecting Performance Book

The Perfect book for the Mounted Shooter at any Level. Everything from the fundamentals to how to be more competitive. This book is very helpful for new mounted shooters who are new to performance riding. It provides a simple program of progressive training patterns to build you confidence and coordination in mounted shooting.
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Anyone who’s travelled the mounted shooting circuit is familiar with Andra Olson and Jim Hanson - two of the most recognized competitors in the game.

In Perfecting Performance, Andra and Jim dig down to the deeper skills of horsemanship starting with the basics of warming up your horse all the way through balance and control, turns, rating, lead changes, starts and stops as well as mounted shooting techniques that will make you a better competitor.

Andra and Jim also cover the equipment and gear needed to successfully achieve the proper connection with your horse and they teach you some very special techniques for ground tieing and getting your horse accustomed to gunfire, obstacles and arena distractions. 

This book is  a great companion for new horse owners as well as seasoned performance horsemen and women who want to sharpen their horsemanship skills.